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Lobdengau-Museum in Bischofshof

LOPODUNUM was one of the most significant Roman metropoles in southern Germany. The remains of a forum with a basilica bears witness to this. The Lobdengau-Museum in Ladenburg is currently showing numerous spectacular archaeological finds. Archaeological discoveries from all prehistorical and early history Epochs are exhibited in the stately Bischofshof, once a residence of the Bishop of Worms. The museum also grants insights to the moving history and folk culture of the town’s medieval and modern times on all four floors. For example, numerous items mirror the Christian and Jewish life in the community, or the time of the Baden revolution of 1848.

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Further information can be obtained outside the museum’s operating hours at the Tourist Info Office.

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Individuals EUR 3.50
Discounts (with pass): Children and Youths 18 and younger, School children, trade learners and students no older 28 years old, financial assistance or unemployment money (Arbeitslosengeld II) recipients, Senior basic income recipients, Asylum applicant monies recipients, national volunteer service people (in accordance with the BFDG), or those who serve a social or ecological volunteer year (FSJ/FÖJ) EUR 2.00
Family Ticket Parents or Grandparents with children not older than18 years of age EUR 7.00
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School groups of 15 persons or more, per person EUR 1.00
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Price per tour + admission: EUR 25.00 + admission

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Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz

Around 300 vehicles with the “C. Benz & Söhne” lettering on the radiator were built in the “Benz Town”, Ladenburg. Two of the rare vehicles are still here. The private car from Carl Benz and the the “C. Benz & Söhne” company car can be found in the Dr. Carl Benz, Automuseum, which is located in the historical factory building. In addition to documents from estate of the automobile pioneer there is also a peek into Carl Benz’ original study. This automobile museum is the only one in the entire world that is located in the actual original production factory.

Separated into five areas, the visitors can experience the history of mobility - from the first Automobile in the world, the Benz Patent motorcar, to the Mercedes-Benz Formel 1 racing car – and tramp through the history of the two-wheeler - from the original Draisienne, invented by the Baron von Drais, to the colorful motor rollers of the fifties. This makes the Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz in the “old Benz factory” an impressive witness of the rolling past.

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Ilvesheimer Straße 26
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Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday
14–18 o’clock

Admission Prices

Who Prices
Adults EUR 5.00
Children EUR 3.00
Family Ticket (Parents with children under 14 years of age) EUR 10.00
Groups of no more than 15 persons (per person) EUR 4.00
Guide EUR 50.00
Groups by appointment call 06203 / 181786

Carl-Benz House

On June 21, 1905, Bertha and Carl Benz bought the estate at today’s address: Dr.-Carl-Benz-Platz 2. The park-like garden that ambles on the river bend is a part of the property. Under high trees, Carl Benz had a garage built in the style of a well-fortified tower, in which he stored his “Benz-Victoria” next to a small workshop and study. It was in this Villa where Carl Benz was honored as an automobile pioneer. He lived here until his death in 1929. His wife, Bertha, died in 1944. The are both buried under a memorial at the Ladenburg Cemetery.

An exhibit is now on the garden story of the villa that is primarily dedicated to the engineering achievements of Carl Benz. A replica of the famous “Benz Patent Motorcar” and a model of the ignition,  steering, and carburetor are on display. A series of personal memorabilia as well as information about Carl Benz’ life as an engineer, entrepreneur and private man convey a living memory of the great pioneer of the automobile.

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Dr.-Carl-Benz-Platz 2
68526 Ladenburg
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Sun. 14–17 o’clock

Ladenburg Auction House and Toy Exhibit

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